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Accelerated Drying = Less Claim Dollars
The building envelope (Commercial or Residential) that is adversely effected by water intrusion, will incur less damages and less total costs, provided it is dried down as rapidly as today’s technology will allow. By drying with Energy and other specialty drying equipment, Steam Brothers is able to achieve your needs.


How It Works
The system draws in outside air, which is heat-conditioned to 3 - 15% relative humidity. This fresh and extremely dry air is then blown into the building through flex ductwork. As the dry air   circulates throughout the building, it absorbs large quantities of moisture. A second blower accelerates the drying process by extracting moisture-laden air from the building. The DryvexT MC5200 is an open drying system that uses advanced technology to dry flooded buildings quickly and minimize business interruption time.

DryvectionT technology.


Key Features
• Totally self-contained system with onboard diesel generator
• Minimizes service: Dura-GenTM genset requires oil change only every 2,000 hours
• Reduces claims costs by shortening drying time
• Shortens insurance claim cycles
• Minimizes reconstruction costs
• Decreases chance of mold and bacteria growth




Don’t let these factors add
dollars to your claim:

  • Excessive dry down times
  • Secondary Damages
  • Remediation Delays–(lack of electricity & heat)   
  • Excessive Tear Out & Replacement
  • Business Interruption
  • Microbial Concerns
  • Time


Other Areas of Use:

  • New Construction
  • Excessive Humidty
  • Microbial Concerns
24 Hour Emergency Service (800-767-5064)
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