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Tracked in soil is your biggest problem because it carries throughout the house. If you can keep tracked in soil to a minimum you can reduce dirt build-up and ultimately decrease the frequency of periodic professional cleaning.Door and Entry Mats

Controlling Soil
Entry mats collect or absorb soil and moisture. They should be placed adjacent to high traffic areas and entryways. (But not on top of the carpet.) They should be maintained by weekly vacuuming, shaking and cleaning. (Ask our industry certified personnel to show you the array of effective, quality mats that are designed to suit your specific needs.)

Routine vacuuming with properly maintained, quality equipment is the single most important step you can take to extend the life and appearance of carpet:

  • Use a top-fill vacuum with brush agitation OR a canister with a "power head" that has brush agitation.
  • Soil should be collected in the vacuum's recovery system (avoid re-entry into the air which can contribute to indoor air pollution).
  • Make sure your vacuum has a high efficiency HEPA filtering system OR a bag should be used in your vacuum equipment.


  • Read labels and tags carefully and follow manufacturers recommendations for care and maintenance.
  • Every time your upholstery is professionally cleaned, be sure to have fabric protectant applied to extend its beauty and useful life.
  • Make sure you hire only industry trained professionals who have experience with your type of upholstery (Haitian cotton, leather, linen, etc.)

Stains and SpillsSteam Brothers Spot Removal Kit 
Before treating a wet stain, blot the area with a white cloth or paper towel; dry stain, scoop up all the loose material and vacuum any residual particles. Test your cleaning solutions in an inconspicuous area of the carpet before using to determine if discoloration will result from their use. Apply cleaning agents to the stain by dampening a white, absorbent cloth or paper towel and blotting the stained area. DO NOT apply cleaning agents directly to the carpet. Never rub, scrub or use a brush on the area being cleaned. Work from the outside to the center of a stain to prevent spread of the stain or formation of a ring. Always allow cleaned area to dry thoroughly. Groom the cleaned area by hand brushing or vacuuming to restore the pile's original appearance.

Sometimes stains persist and reappear after you think they're gone. This is called wicking. Repeating the procedure several times usually eliminates them for good.

Absorbent towels, weighted with a heavy, colorfast object, placed over the cleaned area will help to absorb moisture and remove the remaining stain as it wicks to the surface.

How Often Should A Carpet Be Vacuumed?
Proper vacuuming frequency should be planned according to traffic patterns. Here's a guideline for establishing your own schedule.

Appropriate Vacuuming Schedule

Traffic Area Light Traffic Heavy Traffic
Entry Way Twice Weekly


Hallways Twice Weekly Daily
Living Area Twice Weekly Daily

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