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Profit Center #1 – Carpet Cleaning
The Steam Brothers cleaning method is a deep down hot water soil extraction process, which is recommended by all major carpet manufactures such as
Dupont Flooring – “Stainmaster” Carpets
Monsanto Fiber – “Wear Dated” Carpets
Allied Fibers Smart Care – “Anso V Worry Free” Carpets
Armstrong Carpets – “Anything Goes” Carpets
This cleaning process enables you a wide variety from residential to commercial and industrial cleaning. Steam Brothers cleaning agents and detergents are designed to deep clean, penetrating the carpet to help remove fiber-damaging dirt particles. The result is renewed color and a clean carpet, which will prolong the carpet life.

Profit Center #2 – Upholstered Furniture Cleaning
With Steam Brothers specially designed upholstery tools, you can offer your customers fine upholstery cleaning. By using hot cleaning solutions, you achieve a thorough, deep, soil-free clean fabric that is ready to use in a matter of a few hours.

Profit Center #3 – Drapery and Blind Cleaning
Steam Brothers is a complete on-location wet or dry cleaning process design to clean drapery or blinds effectively while they hang in place – a real plus to the customer! You do not need to take down and re-hang window covering. No shrinkage and fast drying time provides convenience and value to you and your customer in the home or office.

Profit Center #4 – Walls and Ceiling Cleaning

Steam Brothers walls and ceiling cleaning is a natural add-on service to our carpet cleaning, upholstery, drapery, and blind cleaning. With dual-income families on the rise, customers are finding less time to do their own cleaning. This service allows them more time with their family and your customer will truly appreciate this service you can provide.

Profit Center #5 - Odor Control
Odor can be a problem in homes, offices, nursing facilities, and health clubs. Odors are caused by mold, mildew, pets and tobacco. You can control these problems by using Steam Brothers specialized cleaning techniques, cleaning agents, and deodorizers. Steam Brothers can offer their customers and the insurance industry a combination of odor elimination solutions. Odors caused as a result of a fire or flood are an additional source of revenue to you.

Profit Center #6 – Air Duct Cleaning
At Steam Brothers, we respond to indoor air quality concerns. Air duct cleaning is one of the fastest-growing service industries in the country today. The Steam Brothers Environmental Air Care Package provides you with equipment specifically designed to access and effectively clean air conditioning and heating ducts in both residential and commercial systems. This is a perfect example of how you can expand your capabilities and revenue. This fast-growing market segment is a natural add-on service to cleaning carpeting, furniture, ceiling, and drapes.

Profit Center #7 – Water, Smoke, and Fire Restoration

Water, smoke, and fire damage are unpleasant facts of life, and when they occur, a well-trained and equipped technician must be called in to deal with them. With Steam Brothers equipment and know-how, you’ll become indispensable to homeowners and insurance companies in order for them to effectively deal with the vital service of emergency restorative cleanup. Property owners and insurance companies know that immediate action by experienced technicians can minimize damage, expense, and disruption. You’ll find out that your satisfied customers for these needed services will also be ideal potential customers for your cleaning services.
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